Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Elements

I am one who is certainly fascinated by nature, it's beautiful and sometimes just a breath of fresh air is all I need to calm me down.

Photography of a rose 

Recently I've been trying to get fit and healthy. (Emphasis on the word 'trying'). The three things that motivate me are 
1. Music - determines my mood, and keeps me going.
2. Myself - although some days I have a positive mindset, and sometimes I don't, It's ultimately up to me that decides whether I workout or not.
3. My surroundings - I am definitely not one for the gym. I like to go for runs, with my mum, or by myself.
I live for the fresh air, beats a gym right?

Anyway, this post turned into a fitness one, which I'll leave for another time. But I love the elements and my surroundings. Whether you have a huge DSLR camera, or just a small cameraphone, document your surroundings, trust me its so calming if you're feeling anxious or just need some peace for a while.

Simple green grass

So, my second blogpost, im beginning to like this. It's so different to tumblr and other social media. Comment you're favourite aspect of nature! See you soon, with possibly a back to school post.



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