Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Everyday School Makeup

Another makeup blogpost!! Surprise surprise!! Here are my five favourite makeup essentials for back to school season. Yes I know we've all been back to school for a while now but here it is if you're struggling on how to apply makeup for school.

I have quite short, thick and curly eyelashes so I prefer to add volume rather than length, and i've tried everything from the 'Maybelline Rocket Mascara', to the 'Rimmel Day to Night' to these two. My personal all time favourite is the gold 'Giordani Extreme' Mascara, which was my first ever mascara. And then comes this Collection Volumising Mascara that gives 10x extra volume as it promises. It's so difficult to find the perfect mascara for each individual, some like very expensive ones however I prefer to spend more on facial products such as foundation or powder.

For school, most people want quite minimal makeup, and I'm no exception, but I love a good ol' winged eyeliner to add that extra bit of edge. So a good liquid eyeliner is perfect. I like this 'Collection Fast Stroke' eyeliner. 

In terms of lippy products, i'm an addict. I always have a balm in my blazer for when my lips are chapped or just when i'm feeling a bit edgy. This particular balm is made from shea butter and coconut with natural extracts, it's from boots. 

Some other times such as mufti days, I like to use Calvin Klein in the shade victorious, but i'd never wear it on an everyday basis. 


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