Monday, 4 May 2015

A Break from Blogging....For a month...

I've got some really important exams coming up (GCSE's), one in 7 days and 21 hours!! Thought I'd let you know, not to expect anything from me for about a month, but i'll be back. And by that time I'll have all the time in the world so I might even be able to do two blogposts per week. 

Hope you have an incredible day and week.

Reached 500 Page views recently which is cool! I know that's not really a big deal for some, but oh well I find it pretty cool. I should be back on the 13th of June because that's the day after all my exams end. (Even considering making a small youtube channel but shh its a secret)

Wish me luck! Good luck to you if you have any exams!
Thanks for understanding,

(^-^) x


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