Monday, 29 June 2015

REVIEW // Nailsinc & The Body Shop

Firstly, I'd like to mention these three colours from NailsInc, that I recieved at Christmas, over 6 months ago. Although as you can clearly see, they are of a shimmery shade with an array of sparkle and glitter, I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been wearing these nail polishes all year round. Generally, I'm one for a matte finish however these colours give an amazing glow which just brightens up my day (ignore how cheesy that sounds). So, go for these shades, I'll be looking out for more nailsinc products.

Secondly, here are my 'Color Crush' shades from the body shop makeup collection. Whilst I'm not so keen on the grey toned shimmery shade in the middle (it just doesn't suit my eye colour), I love the two shades either side. Particularly the rose gold, 'bronzey' shade on the left, which clearly has had a lot of use out of it. Sometimes if I'm brave I'll wear just this shade on the lid, or if I'm getting more Glammed up I'll add a matte brown in the crease. The other shade is more 'golden' which is perfect in the middle of the lid at reflecting sunlight. 

Before I was lucky enough to be given these at Christmas I didn't even know the body shop sold makeup! It even came with a brush which is excellent for application. Fab!

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