Tuesday, 11 November 2014

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20 Questions | Lushiella

1. Biggest Fear?

Whoa, straight in the deep end, I fear death, or being trapped in a tight space  

Favorite Food?

Margarita Pizza  

3 Biggest celebrity crush?

Ed Westwick, Theo James, Logan Lerman, Ashton Kutcher

4 Biggest hope for the future?

To really make a difference in this world

5 Biggest obsession atm?

Buying Monochrome things

6 Biggest obsession you’ve ever had?

Certain bands.

7 Guilty Pleasure?

I love listening to pop punk

8 Favourite song now?

Cool Kids- Echosmith

9 Favourite song ever?

Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap | I Can Barely Say - The Fray | Nirvana - Sam Smith

10 Favourite movie now?


11 Favourite movie ever?

Tangled, Lion King, Clueless

12 Favourite TV programme now?

Gossip Girl, Glue

13 Favourite TV programme ever?

14 One random fact about me?

I'm a feminist, I love watching Crime Shows 

15 Childhood dream?

To visit every continent In the World

16 Career Goal?


17 Any phobias?


18 Favourite actress?

Julia Roberts, Audrey Hepburn, Blake Lively

19 Favourite actor?

Liam Neeson or Leo Dicaprio

20 My Idol?

Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, My Parents

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