Monday, 14 September 2015

Mini KIKO MILANO Haul // The Mascara

My blog seems to be inundated with reviews of products at the moment! But that's what I'm into at the moment and as you are probably aware, I'm a very phasey sort of person who can never really make up their mind. SO into the post, I'm reviewing this rather luxurious looking Mascara (no pun intended as the mascara name itself is luxurious lashes). I was mooching around westfield in late august as a somewhat form of retail therapy pre-sixth form and a way to spend spend spend. I've been seeing KIKO milano online for some time, but as the minimum spending price is £25 i didn't want to splash out on products I've never tried/tested before. So I went into the Westfield's stratford store and I just loved it. Whilst I'm more picky with my foundations, concealers and powders, I'm always up for trying new mascaras and eyeshadows.

 This mascara was reduced from £7.90 to £3 for the day (all mascaras were) and I was absolutely gobsmacked. These Mascaras seemed better quality than most of the drugstore alternatives and was a fraction of the price for the day! Bargain! The brush is a collusion between a plastic and actual brush material which actually works spectacularly well in gripping the lashes and creating a volumised look. I'm generally not interested in the length of my lashes but rather the longevity, curl and volume that can be created by mascara and some winged liner. The brush is rather big so wouldn't be suitable for smaller eyes however this is perfect for me! I wish I picked up another mascara but I restrained myself to a mascara, two eyeshadows and a nailpolish. All around a great mascara!

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