Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Being Healthy

So I'm not one for compulsively attending a gym but I do like to stay healthy and workout periodically. What about you guys? Do you?

When I get the chance I like to make homemade food, especially in summer when it's hard to fall into the trap of eating junk.

I like homemade orange juice, all you need is an orange, and a juicer. Yum! 

So, here are my trainers, mint green 'Nike Lunarlons', and the love of my life. They cost £45, in a Nike Outlet Store near where I live, I split the price in half with my parents. The trainers have a chunky sole, which is great for support, and breathable sides. They're great for running, or yoga or whatever you want.

Personally, my family house has a cross trainer, (a cross between an exercise bike and a treadmill), so i try and use that, rather than going to a sweaty gym.

No this post isn't sponsored by Nike, and yes I genuinely do love these trainers. I might consider doing some recipes in the future, because i also love baking! Have a good week and maybe try the homemade orange juice.



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