Monday, 22 September 2014

Music Monday #1

So I've decided to start a new monthly series, a playlist of tunes i've been loving over each month! I guess you could say I'm trying lots of different themes of blogging until i've found one i'm completely happy with.

So September has been a month of new beginnings, i've begun year 11 (so scary), my sister has started year 7 (super proud), my mum has started a new job and my dad has started his postgraduate course. 

October is the month of my 16th birthday, Christmas countdowns and my long awaited holiday to one of the Greek Islands (more info later).

So anyway, I've got a bit off topic, basically 'Music Monday' is where I give you my five favourite tracks of the month. Here we go. (no particular order)

1. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran. A really laid back tune with some 'bluesy' vibes. It's on his new album 'multiply' and it's not like you will expect it to be. That's all I'll say.

2. Kings - The Pierces. If you know me at all, you know I'm not a fan of 'mainstream' music. I generally prefer smaller artists that no one really knows. Here's an example. Well...kinda. If you watch Pretty Little Liars, you will know the theme tune 'Secret', this is by the same artist, the Pierces, but it's completely different, and six years newer. From their new album 'Creation'.

3. Pressure - The 1975. Again if you know me, you'll know I'm one of the biggest fans of Matt Healy and the 1975. But this song, wow. That is all.

4. Heartbreak Girl - 5 Seconds of Summer. So here you have it, one of my guilty pleasures. This is one of their 'less popular' songs, like 'Try Hard' and 'Voodoo Doll' which I also love. But this song just grabs my heart every time hence the name (awful joke i know). I was lucky enough to see the band live in June at the summertime ball, i felt so starstuck! From their Self Titled album. 

5. Flawless - The Neighbourhood. Well the band name speaks for itself. The Neighbourhood is quite possibly the biggest highlight of my 2014 (musically). But there isn't a single song that I dislike, and rarely do I find a band that I love every song (even coldplay can you believe).

So there you have it, the first installment of 'Music Monday'! See you soon!



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