Wednesday, 10 September 2014

DIY: Choker Necklaces

So recently i've noticed a massive craze of the 'choker necklace'. Even though I can't really be classified as a 90's kid, I know that they are a 90's style. I love how cool these necklaces look with others layered upon them. After much research and practicing, I finally found a technique that's easy enough and produces a good necklace. 

You will need
- A chair
- A very long stretchy 'scoobie' material in any colour. (about 1m)
- A clip
- Scissors
- Charms (optional)

Now this is really tough to explain, so you're probably going to have to read this three or four times over before understanding. I'm sorry in advance *insert cute monkey emoji here*

1. Right so firstly, you need your one metre of stretchy material and bend it in half, make sure each half is equal.
2. Put this scoobie under the chair. Name the left halve 'A' and the left halve 'B'
3. Now here comes the hard part. Put the A over the B. At a right angle.
4. Now loop A under B and over B and pull it through.
5. Put B over A, at a right angle, loop B under A over A and pull it through.
6. Repeat this over and over again until you reach the required size for your neck and tie the ends.
7. Here's the fun part, if you have a charm, a moon, owl or any symbol, loop it onto the necklace. You can leave it plain if you'd like. 
8. Now you need to put a clip or it will all fall apart. 
9. Hope this technique worked! It did for me! Leave a comment if you want me to do an updated version with pictures!

My homemade choker paired with a denim jacket and a cream shirt

So in terms of styling, chokers go with everything! Have fun with it!



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