Monday, 19 January 2015

15 Goals for 2015

I'm sure the hype for new years resolutions have died down now, but I'm jumping right back onto the bandwagon. Here's a checklist of things that I want to achieve/do by the end of the year. I'm not going to be too specific (ie - workout 30 mins a day/read 20 books)

I'm going to be a bit vague, I find that more feasible personally.

1. How many countries/new places have you visited?
2. Did you watch any new TV shows?
3. Did you go to school without makeup?
4. Are you doing the international baccalaureate, and enjoying it?
5. Are you taking life easily?
6. How many photographs have you taken?
7. Did you get a job?
8. Did you exercise more often?
9. How many books did you read?
10. Did you have a good summer?
11. Are you appreciating the small stuff?
12. What was your favourite moment?
13. Did you make a difference?
14. Did you make another blog?
15. Were you happy?

See you soon, for a whole lot more blogging and maybe a drugstore makeup haul...




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