Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Making Decisions | Advice

Everyday, we're faced with countless decisions. It can be hard. Currently I'm deciding whether or not to change schools, or what a levels to choose, or who my friends are? Well some may say, 'You're only 16, what do you have to worry about'. 

Completely ignore those people.

I'm stuck in the middle. I don't want to lose friends, I hate the idea of being a 'new girl'. But then again, I don't want to stay at a place where i'm not 100% happy. 

I'm not good at making decisions, as you may know if you know me. But here are some tips on how to make decisions.

1. It may sound selfish but - only think of yourself. At the end of the day, it's your future, no one else's.
2. Decisions that you make now are not permanent. You have years ahead of you, remember that.
3. Pick things you like, not just one's that will get you ahead in life.
4. Enjoy the moment. That moment you have right now, you'll never have it again, ever. Enjoy the present and don't stress about the future.
5. Talk to someone - a career adviser, a parent or just a friend. 

See you soon.



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