Monday, 12 January 2015

Music Monday #2

Seems like a while since I've done a 'Music Monday', So here goes nothing!

1. Magic - Coldplay. Yes I know the album has been out for a while, and yes, I know everyone has raved about it, but this song is insane. I just wish I got tickets to see them perform it live. One day, I shall. I promise.

2. Cool Kids - Echosmith. I love this song, both lyrically and musically, talks about people constantly being on the outside, always looking in. (Sort of like Gossip Girl), but realising that there's nothing wrong with being a wallflower

3. I Can Barely Say - The Fray This song makes me cry, laugh, smile and experience every emotion you can think of. Definetly in my top 5 favourite all time songs. I love it so much.

4. Reflections - Misterwives. What an amazing tune! I absolutely love this, It's part of the 'pop genre' which I'm never usually the biggest fan of, however I really do love this song.

5. Oats in the water - Ben Howard. Again Up there in my top 10 favourite songs of all time. This song was perfect for autumn/winter time, and I love it.



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