Monday, 23 March 2015

8 School Bag Essentials

Ah, what a generic post. Was lacking originality and just bit the bullet, a (what's in my school) bag. So  here we go, it's a bit of a short one.

1. Pencil case - Mine are always from Paperchase, they look pretty

2. Glasses - Maybe not an essential for everyone, but as I'm short sighted, I always need mine on me. Mine are by Tommy Hilfiger

3. Deoderant - Now my school doesn't allow spray cans, but I think it's an essential regardless. Mine are from 'Charlie'

4.  Water - I LOVE Sparkling Water personally, I don't know why. Don't really have a particular brand that I like.

5. Good quality headphones - I personally love the ones that completely block out the world, where I can listen to my loud music. I LOVE my Beats by Dre personally, but in school i sometimes sneak some apple headphones.

6. Lip Balms - I NEVER take makeup into school, I do wear makeup before hand though, but I don't get the time to even consider reapplying. I've never really understood the stigma of people reapplying makeup whilst in school, I just don't understand it. I have a mad collection of lip balms, my favourites are from The Body Shop and Boots own brand.

7. Hand Sanitizer - I can't stand germs in school. Can't stand them. If you take nothing else from this post, please take this one and invest in a good hand sanitizer. It's life changing. I love the smell and texture of the Primark sanitizer.

That's all. 

(^-^) x


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