Saturday, 7 March 2015

Let's Chat // 1. School and Organisation

A little break from my usual beauty posts (i feel they're becoming a little repetitive and I want to spice things up a little) , I've decided to create a series on my blog for advice called 'Let's Chat'. Hope you enjoy the more lengthy posts!

This time of year has been HECTIC (this blogpost alone is scheduled). I rarely get a second to myself nowadays, and even when I do, I automatically feel bad for not revising/working. Some might say I'm only 16, therefore I shouldn't be stressing or worrying about what the future has to hold. 


I take 11 subjects, that's maths, statistics, english x2, spanish, chemistry, biology, physics, history, art and religious studies. It's a lot, and some do even more. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly grateful for my education, as I realise some aren't as fortunate as me. That's not really what I'm getting at. What we need as a group of individuals is a way to organise ourselves physically and mentally. Here are 3 ways to keep yourself organised and on top of your work.

1. 'Procrastination is the enemy of progression' - Just thought of that quote on the spot, feeling pretty proud :). But seriously, don't procrastinate, by definition it seems daunting. Try your absolute best to do your work when you get it, not the night before. 

2. USE A TIMETABLE/PLANNER - This is THE most helpful tip anyone can ever need to keep organised. If you have an event, pencil it in. If you have a deadline, pencil it in. If you want a day off every now and then, pencil it in. I can't stress it enough how useful it is to have a timetable, it's so handy.

3. Make sure your workspace is neat/colourful/peaceful - The last thing ANYONE needs is mess whilst they are working. Piles of papers, Masses of books, it's just daunting. If all you need is your laptop and some pen and paper, that's all you need on your desk. If all you need is a book and your phone, that's all you need on your desk. 

Minimalism is key to organisation.

Now I'm not saying that if you follow those three steps you'll be the next einstein. All I'm saying is slowly you'll feel more organised and in control of what's happening. That's all for today's 'Let's Chat' Post. Have an amazing week and hope you stay organised!

(^-^) x


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