Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Blogmas #15 ❄ Appreciation & Feeling Grateful | Advice

If you're reading this, yes you, you're super lucky. I guarantee. No matter what level of luck you have, sometimes it's hard to acknowledge it. I would know, I take EVERYTHING for granted.
I mean, I don't want to damage the Christmas spirit and all that, but we all need to remember how lucky we all are.

It's always an uncomfortable situation, acknowledging that there are people worse off than us, but we need to remember it. 

So, this Christmas, (even though I know its passed), i want you to make a difference. Whether it's giving a present to someone, or even going to the salvation army for a day. Everyone needs to appreciate what they have, and that not everyone has it as good as them.

Maybe buy someone a coffee, spread the Christmas cheer and feel sprightly by all means. But don't isolate yourself in the modernised and commercialized version of Christmas we all know today. Take a moment and remember how lucky you are.

Hope you've all enjoyed Blogmas 2014, and had an amazing Christmas. See you in 2015, have a happy new year, hope for more regular blogposts to come.

Happy New Year.

(^-^) x


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