Thursday, 11 December 2014

Blogmas #5 ❄ 15 Reasons Why I Love | Winter/Christmas

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Here we are again, another part to my '15 Reasons Why I Love' series. To see part one, click here.

Winter is one of my favourite seasons, for many reasons. The cold brisk mornings, hot chocolate and many more. (No particular order)

1. Hot Chocolate - Belgian, Mint, White, Dark, you name it. I will be posting a tutorial on my secret hot chocolate recipe.
2. Dark Mornings and Nights - Most people complain about the darker nights, but I have such fond memories going for runs with my mum under the stars last year, fab.
3. Fires - despite the fact we have an electric fire, I love cosying up by the TV every weekend.
4. Vlogmas/Blogmas - I mean what internet obsessed crazy person doesn't compulsively scroll down their subscription box for vlogs everyday? (hope that's not just me!)
5. Snow - Although we live in england, we do see snow now and then, just not on a regular basis.
6. Autumnal Leaves - Undoubtedly my favourite thing about fall/winter time.
7. Films/TV Shows - Looking forward to Christmas day, watching Elf or Home Alone!
8. Winter Boots - Not really the biggest fan of Uggs anymore, but I sure do love my ankle boots, whatever the weather.
9. Cosy Jumpers/ Sweaters - Christmas time is the perfect time for cheesy/ vintage jumpers.
10. Coffee Shops - Starbucks, Pret, Costa, Cafe Nero, whatever floats your boat.
11. Christmas Decorations - Every year, without fail, me and my family make an effort to visit a street near where we live, and view the mighty (sometimes cheesy) Christmas lights
12. Socks - Ankle socks, knee high socks, whatever.
13. Smokey Eyes - If winter time isnt the time to go all out on a smokey eye, I don't know when is.
14. Bold Lips - As you've seen in a previous blogpost, i've been trying out new lip colours, will be doing a makeup routine soon (actually featuring my face!)
15. Finally, the atmosphere - whether you're at the shops, or just walking along, christmas is the perfect time for togetherness and feeling grateful. 

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