Saturday, 13 December 2014

Blogmas #6 ❄ DIY Christmas Cookies (5 steps)

I promised a cookie recipe, and here it is! Made these 'smarties' cookies about two weeks ago, and let me tell you, they were delicious!

What you need:

Smarties or small chocolate drops - two handfuls
Flour - 300g
Sugar - 250g
Butter - 250g
2 Eggs
Drop of Vanilla Essence
Bicarbonate of Soda - 1 tsp
A pinch of salt
(Makes 20 small, 15 large)

Turn on the oven - Gas Mark 5 | Grease the baking tray
1. Put all the wet ingredients (butter, eggs, sugar) into a food processor or use an electric whisk until the texture is light and fluffy
2. Cream in the flour (that has been sifted)
3. Add the Bicarbonate of Soda and salt, mix it all together
4. Split the mixture evenly on the baking tray depending on what size you want.
5. Leave the mixture in the oven for 20 mins

(So sorry, but i forgot to take a before and after photo)




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