Monday, 1 December 2014

Blogmas ??? ❄

So I've decided to do blogmas this year, but instead of daily blogposts, I've decided to do a blogpost every two or three days, so around 10 blogposts, maybe more, maybe less.

Basically look forward to a new post every two days, and here are some ideas I may use. Or if you need some inspiration, here are some ideas!

1. Christmas Outfit Ideas
2. DIY Room Decor
3. Wintery Makeup
4. Fall/Winter Morning Routine
5. Pamper Essentials/ Evening Routine
6. How to style: The Tartan scarf
7. Candle Scents and Winter Fragrances
8. Outfit of the Day/ Outfit of the Night
9. Polyvores
10. DIY sweets and treats
11. Christmas Photography
12. Feeling the Christmas Spirit
13. Appreciation/ Feeling Grateful
14: 15 Reasons why I love: Christmas
15. 2014: Summing Up