Monday, 10 August 2015

REVIEW // Gel Nail Extensions

(As you're reading this, I'm in Toronto, Canada -  blogposts coming soon of course)

So, for prom my friend's aunt kindly did some gel nail extensions for free (this was around a month ago). So 30 days on I thought I'd give my opinion on these on my nails. I chose a beigey colour to contrast with my blue dress. The extensions mimicked that of acrylic nails, however the actual product came as a powder which was buffed onto my nail. A month on, unfortunately one has just chipped and fallen off :(, but my nail underneath seems fairly okay.

In terms of colour, I love the nails! In term of longevity, it's understandable that the nails won't last forever as they aren't my own.

Finally, I do recommend Gel Nail extensions over acrylics, firstly because the smell is 10000x better than acrylics, and my nail underneath isn't completely ruined.

(^-^) x


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