Monday, 24 August 2015

REVIEW // The Balms

Slightly random, I know coloured lip balms and a full on review, but hey, I felt like blogging about lip balms today and the photos look oh so lovely, if I do say so myself. Also, balms can be used on their own, underneath lipstick or given as cute presents, so here's a good way on dividing the keepers from the not so good ones.

Starting from the left, firstly is a H&M lip balm in the flavour ginger and lime which as you can see is very well loved. 

Secondly, at the top is a lip balm from The Body Shop in a cocoa butter flavour, which unfortunately leaves a whitish stain on the lips unless rubbed in for several minutes (a minor problem which is made up for as it smells so wonderful)

Furthermore in the centre of the image is a blueberry scented lip balm from Boots which smells lovely but unfortunately doesn't do much in terms of moisturizing the lips.

Next is a shea lip butter from Boots which is extremely moisturizing and effectively blends in. One of my all time favourites.

Next is a garish, rather scary light green colour, which notably blends in to the lips like a dream. The scent is 'mojito' (without the alcohol) and smells lovely. Oh and it's a budget product, from B & M

Finally, is the product at the top right, which as you can tell matches the packaging to the central blueberry flavoured lip balm but rather is flavoured as mint. This mentholy scented lip balm is perfect for winter i find, as it doesn't have a sweet (or sickly) scent as some others have. Guess where it's from?

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