Monday, 31 August 2015

The CANADIARY // Visiting Toronto

So, as you know, I visited Canada for the first two weeks of August, and it was just wonderful. The flight was 7 hours, which is a long time, however it was a very non- turbulent journey which made it more enjoyable.

We tasted some sushi on the first night, at this amazing restaurant local to our hotel in Mississauga called moonshine I believe. The next day we drove around DownTown Toronto, looking at the amazing concrete skyscrapers around us in the city. The CN Tower casted down on us, which was in some ways threatening yet also amazing.

Our first few days in Canada subtly reminded us of  the lifestyle of America (New York), however the people in general were far more friendlier and more approachable than the british. 

One more country ticked off the bucket list !!

(^-^) x


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